ATTENTION: Body Temperature Scanning Technology is nOT PROVEN. We are beta testing various systems to  Validate Performance And Real-World Functionality. Apply to be a part of the beta program.
Space Is Limited.


Security Companies Are selling thermal temperature detection solutions that simply do not work. Help us validate performance and guarantee your solution works.
Armando Perez, President of Hoosier Security, has leveraged his 20 years of industry experience to provide solutions that work as intended. With the industry focused on bleeding edge thermal solutions to measure body temperature many companies are missing the major pitfalls. After identifying major problems with this technology, we are accepting applications to beta-test a short-list of technology with high potential for effective use. In exchange, you agree to take part in a case study.

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Potential Pitfalls To Temperature Detection Technology:

Help us validate these solutions by applying for our Beta program now.

Accuracy: Spec Sheets Are Overly Optimistic

Solution: Provisional testing is promising, to validate performance we intend to measure performance in the real world, with beta installations at real facilities.
Legal: Concerns with NDAA, HIPPAA, etc

Solution: We can navigate SOP's and provide solution flexibility to help navigate the minefield of compliance.
Implementation: General Lack of Documentation
Solution: Best-practices are not documented because these use-cases are brand new. As part of this beta we will document best-practices
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